Getting Into the Details: Resolution #14

14. Travel less often, but more memorably.

I work for a hotel company, so I get really great rates on hotel rooms. This is an awesome perk of my job. Last year, we were able to take a ton of weekend getaways to bordering states, plus a few days in NYC. We were also really lucky and were treated to an amazing trip to Palmetto Bluff, courtesy of my husband’s job. We spent a week at the beach this summer in a little cottage, and ended the year at the beach with our families.

It was a wonderful year of travel. But I think we took so many trips that they stopped being special. I feel this weird need to take advantage of my hotel discount, so I kept being all “where are we going this weekend?!?!” I got really hooked on finding deals and planning our getaways. Now, I look through our photos on Facebook or Instagram and I’m like, “I totally forgot we even took that trip!”

So, as I move towards a more intentional way of being, I want our travel to be special. As much fun as a last-minute trip is, I’ve seen a LOT of the Southeast. It’s time to save our money and to travel to new places. I can’t say enough how much I dread getting on a plane, but that’s something I need to continue to work on. Since we’re also focused on being more frugal, we’ll need to limit our travel to frequent flyer flights and employee rate hotel rooms. That requires a lot of planning, so that’s a natural limiter.

This year is our fifth wedding anniversary. We’re renting a cabin in Asheville for a few days. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but nothing compared to the Mexican vacation we originally planned. We’re going to Chicago for my 40th birthday. I kept thinking I wanted to go to Italy or travel to Maine and Montreal, but instead I’ll be mindful of the expense (and also excited about all the good food in Chicago). For my husband’s birthday, instead of Cancun or Austin, we’re going hiking and trying the First Time Campers program. And then we can hopefully afford some time at the beach in the fall.

No European vacations this year. But also no Friday evening let’s-go-to-Chattanooga-because-we-can-even-though-we’ll-blow-a-bunch-of-money vacations either. Less time spent traveling will make it so much more special for us,


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