Getting Into the Details: Resolution #13

13. Do a volunteer activity once a month.

This is something that matters a lot to me. I used to do a lot of volunteering and was involved with several causes. These days, that volunteerism has pretty much consisted only of automatic monthly donations to a couple of charities. At one point, I really wanted to spend my career with a nonprofit, until I decided my MBA was too expensive for me to also be nonprofit đŸ™‚

In December, I volunteered twice, and it reminded me how good it feels to be giving back. It renewed my interest in volunteering and was the push I needed to make this a resolution and a change in my life for 2015. Unfortunately, I have big issues with obligations, even when it’s to something I really enjoy – even social things! So my challenge is to find activities that don’t require a huge time commitment and are also flexible.

This month, I wanted to participate in a coat drive and a blood drive, both of which took place on MLK day. My husband and and I went to the Red Cross to donate blood, but we both were 0.1 below the 12.5 hemoglobin requirement to donate. Both of us? Too weird. Maybe we were overhydrated or something? It was really disappointing for us. As for the coat drive, I was a failure. I didn’t go through our closets in time to make it to the donation site. But, we’re gathering a huge pile for Goodwill, so hopefully that counts for this month.

We’re also working on a better plan for our monthly donations. Rather than $20 here and there, I’d like to find a local charity and focus our giving with them. My husband had a good idea to try to find fundraising events, so that way, we’re having a good time with our donation money. We’re also interested in volunteering at some of the local parks and hiking trails we enjoy.

Finally, I have volunteer orientation early in February for a pet rescue group just down the street. They only require two hours a month and it sounds like I can drop by whenever. Who doesn’t want to play with puppies???


2 thoughts on “Getting Into the Details: Resolution #13

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