Getting Into the Details: Resolution #11

11. Try some minimalism projects.

I am just about tired of “getting into the details” and want to start sharing my progress! Just 5 more to go…

So, minimalism. While much of this appeals to me, it also is kinda scary. I loooove shopping, but that’s another issue for another day. Mostly I love finding a great deal, and I love it when I have the “perfect” outfit/kitchen gadget/spice/etc when I “need” it.

I used to be a MAJOR pack rat, mostly out of sentimentalism. But when I left my first husband (again, another story for later), I pretty much lived out of my car for a year. Not in a homeless kind of way, but in a shuttling-back-and-forth-between-friends-and-family way. (Although I guess, technically, I was homeless.) While not the happiest time in my life, it did teach me how little stuff I actually needed! I absolutely did not need to save every card, letter, or memento from someone I cared about.

It also taught me that I didn’t need so many clothes, or towels, and certainly not the knick knacks! I left everything that belonged to both of us in the apartment I shared with my ex, and was mostly just relieved to be done with that time in my life. When, a year or so later, I moved with my new boyfriend (who is now my dear husband) to another state, we barely could furnish a 600sf apartment with our stuff.

Fast forward to 14 years later, and, as I’ve mentioned, we now fill up a home that is four times that size. I just counted: we have 28 kitchen cabinets, and then all have stuff in them. Plus 10 kitchen drawers and a pantry! In other words, too much stuff.

We really like to have an uncluttered home, and we have mostly stayed true to that. But I have found myself buying knick knacks because “something needs to go there.” That’s pretty much the opposite of minimalism.

I’m very inspired by people who have moved into tiny houses, and I love the capsule wardrobe and capsule kitchen projects from Courtney Carver. I’m currently in the process of cleaning out all the closets so we can start selling stuff on Ebay and Craigslist. (This is awesome because it helps to hit three of my goals: downsizing, paying off debt, and minimalism.) I won’t lie: the wardrobe project gives me some anxiety, since I love clothes and I struggle to find flattering outfits. But I’m very committed to Doing Things that Scare Me. I’m aiming for my first 33 piece wardrobe for spring!


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