Getting Into the Details: Resolution #10

10. Continue to evolve my relationship with food.

I haven’t given this resolution a ton of thought yet. I mean, I’m pretty much always thinking about food, so there’s that. I have wondered if I have somewhat disordered eating, as I’m almost always on some kind of diet or restricting what I can eat. I’m just not very good at it. If I lose a few pounds, chances are I’ll gain them back in a few weeks or months.

Recently, I’ve been more focused on exercising, drinking less, and being sensible about the amount of food I’m eating. I want to nourish myself, not restrict myself. Mindful eating, perhaps? If it fits your macros? I am taking inspiration from both of these, but more than that, I’m just trying to not think about it all so much. It seems that if I let myself eat what I want, I won’t obsess over food so much.

The trick is limiting my portions. And not eating all the candy/nuts/ice cream/Doritos. As I’m increasing my mileage, I’m becoming a bottomless pit, so I’m finding it harder to feel satisfied. Work in progress, for sure. But the only thing I’m really trying to avoid right now is wheat, as an experiment, really. I should probably cut back on sugar too. Working on that!

I’m also not paying much attention to the scale and focusing more on how I look/feel and how my clothes fit. We did a keto diet on and off during the fall, and I seriously didn’t lose a pound (my husband lost 20!). But I definitely saw changes in my body, and most of my clothes are feeling loose. I also didn’t hate being in a swimsuit when we were at the beach over the holidays. That’s a MAJOR accomplishment for me!

So I’m going to continue to focus on running and lifting weights and doing planks all the damn time. I’m going to eat healthily and mindfully. I’m going to get back on track with sugar, and I’m going to limit the booze (this weekend was a setback with that, unfortunately – I’m not strong enough for a three-day weekend yet!). I’d also like to get back to not eating meat, but that’s another topic for another day.


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