Getting Into the Details: Resolution #9

9. Write.

This one is easy! Keeping this blog is a perfect outlet for me. I’m not writing this for anyone else but me. It’s great if it finds readers, but since I have no idea what I’m doing, it’s fine if no one is looking at it but me. Writing is a skill I’m very interested in developing. I’d noticed how many of my thoughts I wanted to spend more time with, and how many ideas kept popping into my head.

So this is a great place for me. I considered doing the #writeandrun31 challenge, but figured it might be a little overwhelming with the other changes I am trying to make. I have been writing most days, and I’m enjoying it. I do think I might need to make my writing time more set in stone, and it a quieter place. I’ve been just sitting in the kitchen with my laptop and my coffee, with my husband and our dogs, which is the usual morning routine. It’s easy to be distracted, so it’s probably worth my while to go downstairs to the office or take some time in the evening when my husband is finishing up his work.

The good thing is, I’m really enjoying this blog so far. I know it’s doesn’t have much focus, but for me, for now, I just want to get into the habit of writing.


One thought on “Getting Into the Details: Resolution #9

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