Getting Into the Details: Resolution #4

4. Run a half marathon.

I have been thinking about all the ways I’ve already failed in this new year. I was going to not drink for the month, but I had a glass of wine last night. I was going to write here every day, but I just didn’t have it in me yesterday. I was also not going to spend any extra money, but then we had to buy a new printer, I went out to lunch with friends at work, and I splurged on gelato at the grocery store.

But ya know what? I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna beat myself up. There is a poem that has always hung in my parents’ house, Desiderata. One of my favorite lines is, “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.” First, I think I’ve been incredibly wholesomely disciplined this week. I am eating well, exercising much, and making the effort to get the rest I need. I’m thinking a lot about letting go, about practicing empathy. I’m writing. I’m not losing my temper. I’m trying to be patient and compassionate. And I haven’t made any impulse purchases or bought any new clothes, despite the INSANE SALES that are happening right now.

So, whatever, I bought some sushi and had a glass of wine with my husband. I’m not a failure. Everything isn’t ruined.

Anyway, about that resolution. Running a half marathon. In a lot of ways, this is the most straightforward of my goals.. Pick a race, pick a training plan, stick to it, and complete my goal. It’s just, I don’t love running. I get bored. I don’t mind a few miles, and can even get lost in my thoughts or a podcast. But after about 45 minutes, I’m ready to be finished. And unfortunately, I’m verrrry slow, so a half marathon is going to take me over two hours. I’m sure on race day it’s really fun and energizing and motivational, but those long training runs, ugh. I’ve done a couple 10- and 11-mile training runs in the past, and they were awful. So this doesn’t leave me feeling super excited about training again.

The good news is I’m in much better shape, thanks to much improved consistency in my running, and more time in the gym. I don’t think I want to spend the summer training, so I’m looking for a “fun” half marathon in May or June. And then I’ll just buckle down, follow the schedule, and be thankful for my Audible subscription.


5 thoughts on “Getting Into the Details: Resolution #4

  1. Something random that helped me when I trained for my last half marathon was doing my long runs at the same time and on the same trail. I started to see the same people, and we would give each other that knowing smile, wave, whatever. Those people probably thought nothing of it, but when they were missing I would notice. I told myself they were looking for me, too, and it helped me keep going (or start going, you know how some mornings are). Your race also might have running groups or practice runs to get you more excited.


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