Getting Into the Details: Resolution #1

1. Do a handstand.

I have always wanted to do a cartwheel, a backbend, a handstand. My little sister was a gymnast, so these things were effortless to her. I, on the other hand, was remarkably unathletic, so after a couple of attempts as a child, I never tried again. Since I turned 30, I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with running and working out. The last year is probably the most serious I’ve taken my fitness. I trained for a half-marathon, but ended up running a 15k race instead because those last few training miles were beyond miserable. I’ve done a lot of hiking and trail running, and a  little bit of rock climbing. I’ve tried hot yoga and HIIT, but have found that I kind of enjoy using weights at the gym more than anything. Most importantly, I’ve come to realize I can actually set fitness goals for myself and achieve them.

So when enviously looking at all the yoga practioners in my Instagram feed, it came to me: I can do a handstand too! I just need to work at it. I found a straightforward guide from Chris Salvato that tackles all my fears (I’m too weak! I’ll fall over!) and offers a 28-day training program. I’ve started by adding one-minute planks to my ab days. No, I won’t have this accomplished in 28 days, because I have a lot of shoulder and wrist strength to build first. But I’m actually taking steps to do it! This is a Big Deal for me. It’s honestly barely even occurred to me, throughout my life, to set goals and then work towards reaching those goals. I know for most people it’s a No Duh kind of thing; I have no idea what took me so long. The important thing is that I’m doing it now, right?



2 thoughts on “Getting Into the Details: Resolution #1

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